Built for Those We Serve

By providing easy access to actionable data, Cadient Talent helps increase hiring efficiency and productivity for our customers, whether their role is in headquarters or the field.

Field Managers

We enable decentralized managers to succeed locally through a platform that standardizes and streamlines distributed hiring workflows. Over time, this will reduce variation and human error resulting in increased hires of high-quality employees.

Central HR

We provide central HR with a single point of contact to track, measure, and reinforce hiring standards and compliance across their entire organization. Our platform provides easy access to a wealth of actionable data that safeguards and promotes your corporate standards and policies. In this way, we help ensure both regulatory compliance and corporate culture across a widely distributed workforce.


High volume recruiting is increasingly critical today across the highly competitive Retail, Business Services, and Healthcare industries, where so many of our customers are building remarkable businesses. It is also increasingly important for the constantly evolving, fast-paced Construction, Field Maintenance, and Hospitality sectors whose leaders have come to depend on our solutions.

For 20+ years we have been solving the hiring needs of our customers, some of which include: