By 2026, 14% of all U.S. jobs will be in

the healthcare and social assistance industry.

Human lifespans are rising almost everywhere. Education on what constitutes a healthy lifestyle, such as food choices and exercise, as well as advances in the medical industry, have led to an increase in life expectancy. The likelihood of a 65-year old man reaching his 80th birthday has increased by 50%. Everyone is living longer, more active and healthier lives. 80 is the new 65.

Increased lifespans have created a boom in the Assisted Living industry.

When it comes to hiring, the Healthcare Industry is unique in that most positions require competency and skills gained through extensive education and clinical experience. As a result, healthcare recruiters will need to use innovative methods to find recruits and healthcare systems will need new and more competitive benefits to attract and retain workers.

Brand Management

High employee turnover in the Healthcare Industry affects not only patient outcomes and satisfaction but also your bottom line. To keep your best employees, you must offer benefits that compete with top companies offering more than traditional healthcare and paid time off. The most competitive companies are now offering recruits stock options, maternal & paternal leave and flexible work schedules. Generous, wide ranging benefits not only attract top talent but lead to staff loyalty, happiness and retention which ultimately affects your success.


Our employee assessments tool can help you identify candidates with the same values, attitudes and beliefs even before the first interview. Candidates that are the right fit are often more engaged, higher producing and more likely to stay with your company. When employees share values and ideals, they form bonds and friendships, creating a “family” that will be harder to leave. You can quickly, accurately and fairly screen applicants for a broad range of positions and then meet with the most promising candidates first.