Retail comprises almost 12% of all

available jobs.

High employee turnover rate has been a trend inside the retail industry for years. This trend is forecasted to continue due in part to new competition from dedicated online retailers like eBay and Amazon as well as overly cautious online buyers. The pressure to find and retain quality retail employees has increased for most retail employers.

74% of retailers said their workers leave for better opportunities, not for more money.

There are many ways to combat high turnover in the retail industry. Modern technology and advanced software allow companies to track and analyze data which enables them to make better hiring decisions over time. An increase in offering of perks and profit-sharing programs also helps to attract and retain quality employees.

At Cadient Talent, we offer fully integrated pre-hire selection tools that improve your odds of finding top talent. Our solutions can help you identify soft skills, such as communication, adaptability, resourcefulness and a desire to learn.

Our software can also help you:

This technology can help you predict future performance by identifying employees who are proactive in their duties or those that demonstrate self-control during difficult situations.

The ability to identify trends will eventually allow you to begin to target higher quality employees. Modifying your job description or targeting clients through social media recruiting can also help to improve your entire hiring process over time.

Once you have a quality employee, the last thing you want to do is lose them to the competition. Investing in your current staff, especially at the management level, can increase productivity and decrease revenue lost due to high turnover.