Join the Decision Point® Pilot Program

Cadient Decision Point pinpoints top candidates fast, eliminates guesswork, and mitigates bias leading to better quality hires. Making the right hires right from the start improves retention, productivity, and customer experience.

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We Make it Easy

We are so confident that Decision Point will improve your business that we're willing to put in the work to show you. Joining the Decision Point Pilot Program is inexpensive and requires very little work on your part.

We set everything up, test it out for a few months and let Decision Point work its magic.

And the best part - Decision Point is a stand-alone solution. No matter what ATS platform you're using, we can easily integrate Decision Point with it.

Please complete the form below and a Cadient representative will be in touch about the Decision Point Pilot program.

Imagine a New Way To Hire

Cadient Decision Point utilizes machine learning and augmented intelligence to identify your top performing employee’s traits and behaviors and applies that learning to new applications to pinpoint the right candidates automatically.

Illustration of the four steps of the Decision Point process, including explanations, to put historical data to work, evaluate applicants quickly, automate the selection process, and hire with confidence

Improve Your Business

Utilizing Decision Point will lead to:

  • More Qualified Hires
  • Reduced Turnover
  • Decreased Operating Costs
  • Increased Revenue
  • A more diverse workforce
  • The ability to predict future hiring trends and needs
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