Revolutionize your company's hiring process by making data-driven decisions

  • IDENTIFY QUALITY HIRES - we analyze your past hiring data to determine the specific characteristics of a Quality Hire.
  • REDUCE COSTLY TURNOVER - top tier performers stay longer, reducing training and recruiting costs across the board.
  • INCREASE DIVERSITY HIRING - we can remove Personally Identifying Information (or P.I.I.), eliminating bias from the entire recruiting process.

Use the calculator to calculate the potential savings you can realize by using Cadient’s Decision Point


An accurate candidate data model is key to making good hiring decisions

Cadient's Decision Point service utilizes machine learning and augmented intelligence to identify your best-performing employees' characteristics and apply that learning to new applicants to select the top candidates automatically.

Combine historical applicant and employee data to create a complete data set. ANALYZE the data to identify characteristics of a quality hire.

Create the DATA MODEL based on machine learning and augmented intelligence.

VALIDATE all new applicant data against the data model. Only candidates that possess quality characteristics are presented.

Mobile Recruiting

Match candidates to job positions and hire people who will:

  • Stay in the job longer --> reduced turnover cost
  • Be more productive --> decreased operating cost
  • Increase customer satisfaction --> increased revenue
Applicant Tracking Recruiting

Automate the candidate selection process and accomplish business objectives:

  • Evaluate and hire based on corporate objectives and values
  • Evaluate candidates quickly, efficiently and consistently across the entire company
  • Remove bias in the recruiting process and achieve diversity goals