See Clearly.

Don’t be in the dark about the state of your organization’s efforts for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.


Uncover Your Starting Point.


The spotlight on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) across hiring and talent acquisition has never been brighter. The truth is when organizations embrace DEI as a fundamental piece of the hiring practice, they can create stronger value and support across their organizations, solve customer problems quickly, and accelerate collaboration around innovation and problem solving. The journey begins with knowing where on the path you sit—really knowing—with insight driven by data and algorithms, not personal opinion and oversight.

That’s why we focused our efforts on a diversity, equity, and inclusion platform that delivers the true picture and ensures you can see clearly.

Diversity and Inclusion Matter. A lot.


Diversity is a valuable thing for organizations and can accelerate collaboration, innovation, and customer loyalty. No organization is arguing it shouldn’t be done, but rather asking how to get started.

The first step is knowing your organization’s hiring data in relation to diversity, are you getting enough diverse candidates in the door, are they qualified, and if they are, are they being hired? Once you have a clear picture on your diversity hiring blueprint you can begin building a stronger foundation—one that sets you up for achieving your diversity hiring goals. It’s important to your organization and it’s important that you have the right diversity hiring strategies to get there.

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Eliminate Bias with Augmented Intelligence.


When you combine the new Cadient Diversity Hiring Dashboard with Cadent Decision Point©, the outcome not only delivers specifics on the best candidates, but the best candidates that will also impact your DEI efforts. The connection is truly powerful.

Cadient Decision Point is a talent acquisition platform that quickly analyses candidates in your applicant tracking system and presents them to your hiring managers. The platform learns from your data combined with years of applicant data in the Cadient database. It not only reduces hiring time but eliminates poor hiring decision and bias that may enter the hiring process. 


The True Definition of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality.


These three terms are thrown around all the time by organizations, talent, and the workforce. However, the true meaning of them is something that isn’t widely understood, yet it is something most organizational leaders are seeking to understand better. 

Diversity encompasses the facts around individuals in relation to sex, culture, race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, and the aspects that define and makeup a person.

Inclusion is the feeling that as an individual you are truly included, your voice is heard, and you are comfortable speaking up or standing up and freely speaking your thoughts and opinions.

Equity is the practice of being fair and impartial and truly being free from bias or favoritism.

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