Choose the Best Candidates for the Job Without Bias.

Hiring equality is a growing critical factor in any recruitment process. The best way to ensure you’ve captured it is to take human “hunches” out of the equation.

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Gaining Equality isn’t Always Easy.

It’s no wonder it seems like a daunting task with more than 80 million Americans, nearly 60 percent of the U.S. workforce being paid hourly, and most apply for three jobs at once. How do you ensure among the increasing piles of applications that decisions are made fairly and purely based on talent and skill and nothing else?

increase in job seeker searches for the term diversity

of people say their company has become more diverse in the last year

of people believe their company is committed to becoming more diverse

*Research derived from Clutch and PitchBook News and Analysis

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To truly gain equality, you need a system that delivers top candidates with extreme precision. By removing the human equation of choosing “who to move forward,” especially when these decisions are being made quickly, you create a neutral, unbiased way to make applicant and hiring decisions.

Empower your hiring managers to hire with confidence that bias has been eliminated. It’s a solution you can’t afford not to implement.

Take the Best Next Step.
When it Comes to Hiring Almost Doesn’t Count.

When it Comes to Hiring Almost Doesn’t Count.

71 percent of hiring managers are not confident in their hiring decision immediately after making it. You’re frustrated and so are your hiring managers. Explore Cadient Talent Decision Point, a new hiring service that combines augmented intelligence, machine learning, and years of historical hiring data to identify top candidates quickly and eliminate hiring guesswork.

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