Built for the

Distributed Workforce

Hiring, especially for the distributed workforce, is the lifeblood of an organization

Built specifically for the field, our intuitive and flexible platform meets the complex needs of high-volume, hourly hiring and provides managers with a constant pipeline of quality candidates. We help Central HR manage policy standards and reinforce compliance across multiple locations, while enabling decentralized managers to act and succeed locally.

By streamlining hiring workflows, we reduce variation and human error, resulting in faster, better hiring and a more productive workforce.

Single-Source Hiring Solution

Cadient Talent applies best practices and knowledge earned from 15+ years of experience in the field to optimize and streamline requisition-based hiring for central HR. Cadient Talent is the single-source hiring solution to screen, track and manage applicants across your entire organization.

A Constant Pipeline of Quality Candidates

We understand the requirements of central HR and our solutions serve the critical needs of both central HR and the individual manager in the field. We enable uniform hiring policies across your entire organization, and account for a fluctuating need for talent with an evergreen hiring model for the field. This approach respects local requirements, seasonal needs in staffing, and the operational demands of local candidate screening and scheduling.

Dedicated Support Teams

Cadient Talent’s Customer Support Teams provide our customers with vital resources and support to optimize our platform and products for your distributed hourly hiring needs.

Our team members average over fifteen years of dedicated service and bring a depth of experience and hiring expertise. Our proactive approach keeps pace with your hiring needs by looking at the entire customer lifecycle, not just the on-boarding process. Our Customer Support Team is comprised of three core disciplines:

“The customer service and support is unparalleled. It’s the best account manager relationship we’ve ever had across the board – of all the providers of any product or system that we use...the key is responsiveness - not just providing a solution quickly, but also following up to ensure it was the right solution.”

Sr. Manager, San Francisco

Professional Services Team

  • Providing consultation on best-practices to ensure efficient go-live and successful integration with your preferred vendors and corporate HR system
  • Actively monitoring integration - and often reporting vendor issues to the vendor before they’re even aware of a problem

Customer Success Team

  • Helping configure our talent acquisition platform and applicant tracking software to maximize your applicant seeker sites and workflow requirements, meet state and Federal regulations, and help you utilize our hiring analytics platform
  • Providing fast and effective orientation and product training
  • Scheduling regular customer 'check-ins' to support your business goals and make sure you’re getting the most out of our products and hiring who you need to, when you need to, where you need to

Technical Support Team

  • Trusted, reliable, and available when you need assistance
  • Helping you solve problems and troubleshoot issues with simple, clear recommendations for working with our products