Today's Hiring Dilemma

Bad Hires = High Turnover = Bad Business

Putting the right worker in hourly positions is critical to the success of a business. Many HR professionals feel that the local hiring process is completely out of their control. And they feel like they have no input into hiring decisions made by the local managers.

  • Local hiring managers have many responsibilities – hiring is just one
  • Employees leave with little notice
  • Managers need open positions filled quickly
  • Availability becomes a candidate's best ability rather than "fit"
  • Managers find it nearly impossible to hire according to company values

As reported in our recent Hiring Manager Survey, 71% of managers said they were not confident in their hiring decisions.

What if you had the insight within your applicant tracking system to help your local hiring managers know which of the many applications they receive are the best fit?

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The Real Cost of Hourly Turnover

Most of us do not consider all the ways that high turnover impacts our business, and we accept it as a normal part of hourly workforces that cannot be removed. The reality is that high turnover can be a monster that eats away at your company's bottom line. It could cost up to $4,800 to replace an employee making $30,000 or less.

Direct Costs

  • Separation costs (i.e., exit interviews, higher U/E taxes)
  • Temporary staffing and/or overtime to cover open shifts
  • Replacement costs (i.e., advertising, screening, interviewing)
  • Training costs (i.e., orientation, OJT, uniform, equipment)

Indirect Costs

  • Lost productivity
  • Reduction in quality, increase in errors and waste as the new employee gets up to speed
  • Reduced employee morale
  • Potential impairment of customer satisfaction
  • Potential impact on sales due to lack of experience

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Imagine another way to hire.

Instead of overwhelming hiring managers with applications, why not just give them the top candidates?

Cadient Decision Point can

sort through stacks of applications in seconds

identify the best-fit candidates based on characteristics from your highest performing and most engaged employees

automatically select the top candidates and move them to the front of the stack for your hiring managers

leave bias out of the equation, so your workforce becomes more diverse

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An accurate candidate data model is key to making the right hiring decisions

Cadient's Decision Point service utilizes machine learning and augmented intelligence to identify your best-performing employees' characteristics and apply that learning to new applicants to select the top candidates automatically.

Combine historical applicant and employee data to create a complete data set. ANALYZE the data to identify characteristics of a quality hire.

Create the DATA MODEL based on machine learning and augmented intelligence.

VALIDATE all new applicant data against the data model. Only candidates that possess quality characteristics are presented.