What is Evergreen

Job Posting

Evergreen job posting is commonly referred to as the continuous hiring for high turnover industries such as healthcare, retail or hospitality. Over the years, the extreme competition for top talent in these industries has led large employers, like Costco, Target or McDonald’s, to streamline their high volume hiring efforts in order to reduce stress on current employees or possible downtime during the busy season.

Evergreen recruiting works best in industries where companies have 50-100 employees, such as cashiers or customer service representatives, doing the same job in multiple locations. These job positions are always open because they traditionally have high turnover. If you constantly chase talent to fill these roles and find yourself in a talent war, you need innovative and creative ways to grow your talent pipeline.

Does evergreen hiring work for companies of all sizes and in all industries?

Of course, Evergreen recruiting is popular in industries with high staff turnover, but it is also useful for mission critical jobs. For example, some software companies will over hire in one or two key IT positions, keeping top talent away from their competitors and negating revenue losses from shortages. In some companies, this strategy can be a key factor to success over the long term. Companies must look at the bottom line and ask what is the value of keeping extra staff versus being without them for an extended period of time.

Some of our most popular tools to improve recruiting efforts:

Mobile Recruiting


Our mobile hiring technology is 100% responsive, so it will adjust to any device that a candidate is using and provide a smooth and seamless application process every single time.

Applicant Tracking Recruiting


Cadient's software integrates seamlessly with other leading HR software providers, permitting background checks, drug screenings, assessment results and criminal record checks to be accessed via one portal.