Does your company struggle with

high-volume hiring?

High-volume hiring is a situation that not all industries face - hiring large number of open positions during an often shortened time frame. For example, a large retail company needs to hire hundreds of employees in multiple locations during the holiday season. This can be a daunting task for hiring managers and it can be difficult to determine an effective solution to this problem.

A high-volume hiring solution that works.

Most organizations can handle a short-term hiring crisis that produces a large numbers of applicants. Problems arise when this process becomes the standard. We are high-volume hiring experts at Cadient Talent, and we have the experience to back it up. Our customers include some of the nation’s top retailers who receive thousands of applications for multiple high-volume positions across multiple locations every week.

The world is changing rapidly – can your recruiting efforts keep up?

Traditionally, some of the most competitive industries in the high-volume hiring arena are Retail, Hospitality and Healthcare. Cadient Talent has the technology and the experience to help these industries navigate the complex and ever-changing world of high-volume hiring in today's digital age.


Did You Know that over 90% of applicants prefer to be contacted via text during the entire hiring process? A robust mobile recruitment policy is now a must have. Our mobile hiring solutions provide the most user-friendly process by automatically detecting and optimizing for screen size. Once detected, the entire experience is converted to a touch-optimized application that helps streamline the process and ensure a pleasant experience for the end user.


Our Employee Assessment Software has been completely redesigned in 2019 to offer your human resources department the critical data they need. The healthcare industry is expanding at an alarming rate year over year, which makes finding quality employees in this field more difficult. For obvious reasons, nowhere is employee assessment and pre-screening more crucial than in the healthcare field.


Restaurants, bars and hotels employ a huge amount of people and the turnover rate in this industry is close to 70%. The seasonality and overall volatility of this industry is why an evergreen recruiting strategy is a vital component to any hiring manager. By maintaining a constant hiring now campaign for critical positions, companies can hopefully alleviate the stress on staff members and overall revenue typically associated with a lack of quality employees on staff.