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We don’t practice cloning, but we do know how to hire with precision, so you keep employees around for the long haul.

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Eliminate Hiring Guesswork

You hire, you wonder, and you hope you chose right. The chances of reducing turnover when a majority of your hiring managers hire by “hunch” is small. In fact, one in five of your hiring managers believe the success of a new hire is a coin flip, and turnover costs you dearly. That’s the true definition of insanity.


Hiring wrong doesn’t only affect revenue, it affects employee morale, productivity, expenses, and customer satisfaction. That’s why we specialize in hourly hiring and quality candidates—to ensure you hire with precision accuracy that gives you confidence in every hire.


If you’re like most hourly hiring organizations, you’re losing a significant amount of money every day in turnover. Understanding how to use your hiring analytics to determine what recruiting channels short-term employees are using to apply versus which channels your top performers are using is key. Learn how hiring analytics can help you see the big picture.


Investing in an effective employee referral program could boost your retention by as much as 45 percent, we know because we’ve seen it. Retention, on average is 25 percent to 45 percent higher when employees are hired via an employee referral.


Hiring Accuracy can increase employee productivity by as much as 50 percent. Hiring quality candidates not only ensures your hiring those who will outperform but creating an avenue for hiring customer loyalty and an elevated brand experience for your customers. It’s a domino effect that can change your entire hiring landscape.

Empower Your Hiring Managers to Reduce Turnover

of your hiring managers have concerns about a hire’s success

of your hiring mangers want to be recognized for reduced turnover

of your hiring managers feel reduced turnover would increase employee morale

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