Healthcare Recruitment

Hiring in the Healthcare Industry

Illustration of seven healthcare workers including doctors, nurses, and aides

Attracting and retaining the right candidates isn’t always easy.

Hiring in healthcare comes with its own set of unique challenges. Most positions require a high-level of competency and skills gained through extensive education and clinical experience. Yes, positions still need to be filled quickly and efficiently, creating enormous challenges in not only recruiting but attracting and retaining quality candidates.

The healthcare industry has unique recruitment challenges combined with a rising need for workers:

Healthcare Stats stating 8% of healthcare job applicants hired, 14% of all jobs will be in healthcare by 2026, and 33 days average time to hire

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Simplify healthcare hiring

Having the right tools and software that help you pinpoint not only those with the right skills, but the right traits and mentality to perform well and stay long-term is critical to you and your customers. That’s where Cadient healthcare recruitment solutions come into play. We specialize in empowering the healthcare industry in innovating the recruiting process and ensuring that every hire is a quality candidate.

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Know what works for you

Using your historical data to gain insights into the hiring channels and attributes of your top employees gives you the roadmap to know which candidates are quality candidates, period. No more guesswork.

Create the right Candidate Profile

Know which profiles are right for you—those who will perform at a high level and stick around for the long haul. Eliminate your “best guess” and rely on historical data and proof points to know, not just think, you’re making the right decision.

Know Which Hiring Channels Work

Narrow and focus in on the hiring channels that work for you. Negate the need to send job postings across every available channel and only utilize those that bring high quality candidates to your door.

Eliminate Hiring Bias

Remove all bias, objectives and human error from the hiring process and replace it with efficiency and accuracy driven by data and history.

Hire Candidates who Fit

Ensuring employees well in your culture is important—but even more so in healthcare. Hiring candidates with the right traits means they not only stick around but your customer satisfaction, reputation and brand loyalty increase.

Introduce Recruitment Innovation

Utilize a healthcare recruitment solution built on algorithms, state-of-the-art technology and agility that allows you to create efficiencies, shorten the recruitment process, and maximize retention and productivity.