Meet Helen

Helen found a way to help her recruiters and hiring managers bring in high-quality employees. Employees who stay on the job longer are more productive and engaged in the customer experience.

Watch the videos below to follow Helen on her journey as she becomes a HR hero in her company.

Hiring is Hard

We Can Make it Easy

Helen started her journey in the same situation you may find yourself today. Watch this short intro video to find out why Helen partnered with Cadient to bring her company into the future of hiring. It’s time to look to the future with hope!

Follow Helen's Journey

Imagine a new approach to hiring that improves quality of hire and speed to hire. Imagine easy-to-use HR tech, with client success and technical support teams backing your hiring process every day. Imagine giving your hiring teams the ability to start hiring with data-driven decisions already in progress. Watch this video to learn about Helen, the Director of Human Resources for a large national company. See where Helen started her journey and how she became an HR hero.