• ‘Tis the season—UGH! Unfortunately, the most wonderful time of the year is not so wonderful for those in the retail recruitment game. Unemployment numbers are falling – but very slowly. Finding new employees at this time of the year could put you on the naughty list before you know it. We gathered some tips from our team here at Cadient that we hope will have you dancing in a winter wonderland in no time!

    1. Look Within – Start with what (and who) you know—your current employees! Ask them if they know anyone looking to make some extra money over the holidays. They might even know a student who will be on holiday break looking for a temporary job. The key here is to start early before someone else has the same idea.

    Read more about the value of an employee referral program.

    2. Hire Students – We just mentioned this but most college students are on break from the start of December until the 2nd week of January… and most of them want to work! Posting a sign at the register or maybe even having a College Job Fair (if you live near a college campus) could help your organization fill the gaps it has in the long and short term.

    3. Go through your old files – Was there anyone that you interviewed that did not seem qualified at the time or maybe they were looking for part-time work and you did not have an opening? Low hanging fruit is sometimes the best place to start.

    4. Create a positive experience – for ALL employees – Nothing travels faster than a bad reputation, especially with today’s technology. One bad manager, disgruntled employee, or scheduling dispute could blow up on Facebook or Instagram. It doesn’t matter if the employee was 100% at fault either. Once the word gets out, it’s very difficult to change public opinion. Take care of your employees and over time the word will get out and you’ll have people begging to work for you!

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    5. Retirees – Most retirees have a lot of time on their hands and could use some extra funds around this time of the year. You may also bring someone on board who has years of experience that could help everyone in your company—you just never know! Some retailers make this a focus and prefer a more mature employee.

    6. Get social – This may seem like an easy decision, but this is probably one of the reasons you created social profiles. If you have active social media accounts and a decent following, now is the time to take advantage. You can even BOOST your job posting temporarily on certain platforms to reach more people in your area or several areas if you have multiple locations.

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    We hope these tips will help you look outside your usual hiring strategy during this Holiday season. If you have any suggestions or success stories—please send us a message or contact us via social media—we would love to hear from you!

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