3 Ways to Improve your Careers page

Agnes Berkowitz, Amanda Fuller | July 25th, 2019

First impressions occur in a matter of seconds. For many job seekers and potential applicants, your company’s careers page is often that first impression they will have with your organization. For those with consumer websites, a visit to the careers page is typically the result of visiting your company’s website as a customer, creating an opportunity to build an effective careers page that will bring more value to your company than simply linking to your job listings. So, what does make an engaging and effective careers page?

Compelling Message

Your careers page is an extension of your brand. A careers site containing elements that clearly communicate your organization’s values and culture provides job seekers with an opportunity to imagine themselves as part of your organization.  Job hunters want to be engaged with a clear vision of what it’s like to work for your company even before they hit “Apply”, they need to be able to picture themselves as part of your team.

Engaging Design

Job seekers are internet users, which means their attention is constantly inundated with visual content. Social media applications, such a Snapchat and Instagram, are extremely successful partly due to their engaging and dynamic designs. Incorporating strong visual elements in your careers page can engage visitors and entice them to learn more about your company as an employer. Engaging photos or short videos are not only great visual elements that can showcase your organization’s culture as a clear message to the applicant, but they also create a connection to your brand.

Friendly Navigation

Your website should represent your company in a compelling and user-friendly format, including the process in which job searchers apply to positions. Too many links can overwhelm visitors, while providing too minimal of links can leave them needing more information. Where’s the middle ground? Potential candidates want be able to find your open position links in the main navigation of your careers site; it should be visible and easily accessible. User-friendly careers sites gives applicants a seamless experience of allowing them to learn about your organization, what it’s like to be part of your team, and giving them a clear way to begin their job search with as few clicks as possible.  

Setting a positive first impression with job hunters begins with creating a site that conveys your company culture, engages the user, and provides a seamless way to begin an application. In turn, this can attract and drive the right candidates to apply to your open positions. Once these seekers turn into applicants, it’s critical to maintain this positive first impression with an application that creates a positive candidate experience, while collecting information vital to your organization. In next month’s post, we’ll look at the online job application itself and elements that can keep your applicants engaged throughout the process.

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Agnes Berkowitz

Services Solution Consultant

Amanda Fuller

Education Services Manager & Client Services Account Manager