Cadient Offer Letter e-Signature Demo

Improve your candidate experience with Offer Letter e-Signatures.

Simplify your process, get quicker approvals and receive candidate signatures faster.

Once hiring managers have decided on a candidate, they need to move fast. Offer letter templates and workflows make it easy for recruiters to move the process forward. With built-in e-signatures on mobile and desktop, candidates can easily and quickly accept an offer.

E-Signatures eliminate the need to print, scan, or mail paper documents, letting hiring managers streamline and accelerate the hiring process. Candidates read and sign offer letters quickly and easily online - eliminating administrative procedures that delay their start dates.

Here are a few other benefits of Cadient Offer Letter e-Signatures:

  • Automation of the job offer process
  • Consistent workflows to make hiring managers' jobs easier
  • Customizable offer letter templates - easily edited and emailed
  • Paperless process - reduces waste and costs 
  • Improved accuracy and compliance - easy to track for audit history

See it in Action - View this 2 minute demo!