HR Compliance Series - Second Chance Hiring

Learn more about Second Chance Hiring, how it helps job seekers start fresh and companies find qualified candidates.

Human Resources (HR) Compliance Overview

Overwhelmed by HR Compliance? We understand! It is complicated. Start with this article.

Part II – More Proposed Changes to the Form I-9

See updated information (July 2022) on proposed changes to the Form I-9, set to expire on October 31, 2022.

Cadient Forms Support

Cadient monitors and updates several HR forms. Watch this video to learn about our process for handling HR forms.

EEOC Efforts Toward Inclusivity

This article looks at recent changes to EEOC data collections regarding gender.

Protecting Your Privacy - Data Protection Legislation

Consumer data privacy and protection laws are becoming more widespread. Read about them here.

Proposed Changes for the Form I-9

Learn about proposed changes for the federal Form I-9.

Talent Acquisition: Creative Sourcing Strategies

Learn about hiring STARs and other creative ways to source new candidates.

Responding to the Great Resignation

Responding to and addressing the impacts of the Great Resignation on your workforce.

Disclosing Salary Information to Candidates – NYC Expands Fair Chance Hiring

Fair Chance Hiring: A look at wage disclosure legislation and efforts to narrow the pay gap.

Removing Criminal History Inquiries – Fair Chance Hiring

Learn more about ban-the-box legislation that prohibits employers from including questions about conviction history...

Making Sense of Employers’ Rights and Requirements: COVID-19 Vaccines

This article looks at employers’ rights and requirements related to COVID-19 Vaccines.

Disclosing Wage Ranges - Expansion of Pay Equity Laws

Information and guidance on managing the requirements of new state laws regarding wage range disclosures.

Honoring Diversity in the Workplace

Important first steps to you can take to make your work environment accepting and welcoming for everyone. Start by...

Commit to Diversity Recruiting – Hire Military Veterans

Military veterans recruitment strategies pay off for most organizations. Learn how to make this part of your...

Diversity Recruiting: The Impact of Degree Inflation and Disparity

Learn how diversity recruiting efforts are impacted by degree disparity and degree inflation. And how it's a...

Opening Day Announced for EEO-1 Data Collection

Recent announcement by the EEOC for employers regarding the collection of new Component 1 data for both 2019 and 2020.

All Things Being Equal - Navigating the Pay Equity Landscape

This article is an overview of the federal Equal Pay Act (EPA). Although the EPA has been in place since 1963, we can...

Navigating the EEOC’s Guidance on COVID Vaccinations

Can employers require vaccinations? We answer this question and others related to the federal EEOC's guidance...

How WOTC Screening Can Help Diversify Your Workforce

Learn how the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program encourages workplace diversity and benefits both employers and...