Cadient Decision Point Dashboard

Watch this short demo to see hourly hiring simplified with the Cadient Decision Point Dashboard.

Cadient Diversity Hiring Dashboard Demo

See how the Diversity Hiring Dashboard gives you a clear picture of your diversity hiring practices and pinpoints...

The Cost of Employee Turnover is Accelerating

Learn how it's possible to mitigate the high costs of employee turnover right from the start.

Follow Helen's Journey

Follow Helen's journey and see how she became an HR hero.

Meet Helen

She’s just like you. Learn what Helen knew…

Gaining a Return on HR Software

Your HR software may have lots of bells and whistles, but is it improving your quality of hire?

Turning the Cost of Hiring into an Investment in the Future

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Cadient Talent Unveils New Machine Learning Technology

Cadient Talent, a human resources software company, today revealed its latest technology, which infuses machine...

Using Data-Driven Decisions in your Hiring Process

Data-driven decisions can help your hiring managers and recruiters hire with confidence and improve your business in...

Overview Video

Watch this video to meet Sean and Cindy. Learn how Cadient helps them make better hiring decisions.

Let's Fix How We Hire Hourly Workers

Learn more about using a data-driven approach to improve the quality of your hourly workforce.

WOTcS The Big Deal?

Are you spending time filling out paperwork for WOTC eligible employees? Do they keep leaving before you can maximize...

The Dirty Little Secrets Job Boards Don't Want You to Know

Online job boards provide hiring managers with lots of candidates. But are umpteen candidates really a good thing?...

Using Augmented Intelligence to Mitigate Bias in the Hiring Process

Watch this recording of Jim Buchanan's presentation at HR 360 2020.

Webinar: Change Your Hiring Process with Data-Driven Decisions

Cadient Talent's Chief Data Scientist, Stuart Nisbet, discusses how to use predictive analytics to identify...

The Real Cost of Employee Turnover

Hourly employee turnover is significantly more expensive than you think. Let’s talk about the real cost of...