Do applicants have to have a resume?

No! We know that for some of our clients, their applicants are applying for their first jobs. Creating a resume or LinkedIn profile may not be something they’ve ever done. The Cadient Talent solution presents a candidate experience without intimidation – the resume is optional, and all relevant job requirements can be gathered without one. Of course if the applicant does have a resume, it is parsed into the candidate experience, making the online job application that much easier.

Can you work with my specialized background check vendor?

Yes! We have a standardized API integration framework that even smaller, niche vendors can build to on their own timeline.

Is your website accessible for candidates who use assistive technology?

Yes, our candidate experience meets the website accessibility standards outlined in the Revised 508 Standards and Standard EN 301 549, both of which incorporate WCAG 2.0 Level A and Level AA by reference.

Do you offer an application process that is optimized for mobile devices?

Absolutely - we offer a responsive mobile application process. Once our platform detects a mobile platform, it switches to a touch-optimized experience that helps your applicant easily progress through a series of screens.

Do candidates have to download an app to apply through their mobile device?

No – as mentioned above, our entire platform is responsive to every mobile platform.

Do you offer any assessment tools that are designed for the hourly candidate?

We sure do – our entire employee assessment software platform was designed by Dr. Michael Baysinger, (Ph.D in Industrial-Organizational Psychology), and his team over the last 8 years. Our questions are pre-selected based on his research to identify soft skills and personality traits quickly and accurately to deliver quality applicants to your latest job search.

What kind of training does Cadient Talent provide?

Cadient Talent provides both virtual and on-site training sessions. We provide options for everyone in the organization that will access the solution. A training assessment will be conducted to determine the best plan for your organization.

Will the information I provide be sold or shared?

Never! The information collected on behalf of our clients will never be sold or shared with anyone other than the company for which the candidate applies.

Does Cadient Talent use partners or third party providers for implementation and on-boarding?

No – our outstanding Customer Success Team will handle your implementation from beginning to end and is always available to answer and questions once you are up and running.

What clients do you typically work with?

Hospitality, government, and retail recruiting strategies are our main focus but we have worked with large and small organizations in all types of industries.

Do I need to purchase your entire suite of products or can I just purchase the ones that I need right now and add them to our current solutions?

Our entire software suite is 100% customizable to fit your needs. We would love to setup a time to speak with you to see what we can do to help or to answer any questions that you might have!