Gaining a Return on HR Software

HR Software Forms, Features and Function

Many HR software sales processes are highly focused on the features and functions and look at the performance and execution of a particular action or activity. Competitors line up in a beauty pageant, and features and functions are compared, “Yours does that, and so does mine, but mine does this, and yours doesn’t.” Sometimes buyers make lists of desired features and functions, and if an HR software solutions provider doesn’t have one or more of those items, they cut them before the next round.

The Forgotten F-Word in HR Recruitment Software

Features and functions are obviously important, but the forgotten F-word is fruition. Fruition is defined as the attainment of anything desired. The reason a buyer is evaluating software is the desire to attain some improvement in their business.

Many HR software companies don’t like to talk about fruition because it’s difficult to establish a direct link between using their HR solution and achieving improved business outcomes. Fruition should be given at least as much weight in the decision process as features and functions, probably more. 

My company offers talent acquisition solutions. The talent acquisition industry is hyper-competitive, and there is a continuous stream of new, shiny objects that are faster, easier, better. It can make an HR manager’s head spin.

This market is the ultimate feature and function battleground. But what about fruition? Suppose you use talent acquisition software in your business. Will there be a direct correlation between that technology and something good in your business? In other words, will it produce fruition, or is it another feature, function-rich piece of software that isn’t doing much?

The Right HR Tech Should Help You Find and Improve High-Quality Hires

In talent acquisition, fruition is improving the quality of hire. A quality hire can be defined as an employee who stays on the job longer and achieves greater productivity than the average similar employee. Quality hires produce a real, tangible impact on your bottom line.

How do you make quality hires? You start with a quality candidate. Not all candidates have the same probability of becoming a quality hire. You stand a better chance of getting a quality hire when the candidate has at least some of the same characteristics, attributes, and traits of your proven quality hires.

If you hire hourly employees, you may get a lot of candidates to evaluate. Likely more than any human being can properly analyze. A machine learning system can greatly assist in the process.

Machine learning is invaluable in analyzing a mind-numbing amount of data in seconds. Algorithms can analyze thousands of applicants against your quality hire criteria in seconds and identify the quality candidates most likely to become high-quality hourly hires. These are the candidates your hiring manager should prioritize for review and selection.

Last Words

Don’t settle for just features and functions. Include the forgotten F-word and make sure your HR solution takes it to fruition. The best HR software can quickly identify high-quality hourly candidates to help your local managers make better hiring decisions. Take this step to improve your hiring and your business outcomes today.

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Jim Buchanan