How to Use Your Cadient Talent Hiring Flow Report

Using the Hiring Analytics Hiring Flow Standard Report

Each time someone in your organization makes a hiring decision, your system generates data about your hiring processes. Did you know that you can use Cadient Hiring Analytics to turn that data into easy to read and understand reports?  In doing so, you'll gain valuable insights that you can use to make smart hiring decisions, now and in the future.

Cadient Hiring Analytics gives you immediate access to at-a-glance charts and graphs via the dashboard, so there's no need to run independent reports.  However, if you want to dig deeper into the data, there are more reports to explore.

One of the additional reports you may want to pull is our Hiring Flow report.  Many of our clients find this report useful in identifying where the roadblocks are in the hiring process. Recruiters can use this report to find specific applicants and locate their current position in the hiring workflow.  Management can also use the report to track historical workflow activity across the organization.

To explore this report, start by downloading our PDF: How to Use the Hiring Flow Report  

Justin Roberts

Technical Support Specialist