Talent Acquisition Strategies for Effective Hourly Hiring

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Understanding and Avoiding Adverse Impact in Employment Practices

Learn about adverse impact, a less well-known form of discrimination that can negatively affect your diversity efforts.

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Using Data-Driven Decisions in your Hiring Process

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Opening Day Announced for EEO-1 Data Collection

Recent announcement by the EEOC for employers regarding the collection of new Component 1 data for both 2019 and 2020.

The Evolution of Data in Recruitment Management

Recruiters know that data is the key to improving hiring. Today, they have access to more data than ever.

5 Tips for a Successful Tech Implementation

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Introduction to "Agile HR"

What’s Agile? Explore Agile Methodology and why it’s becoming so important for Human Resources.

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All Things Being Equal - Navigating the Pay Equity Landscape

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What Can Recruiters Learn from Supply Chain Experts?

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AI From a Layman's Perspective

Are you confused by artificial intelligence?  If you're honest, you are a little bit afraid of...

Overview Video

Watch this video to meet Sean and Cindy. Learn how Cadient Talent helps them make better hiring decisions.

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How WOTC Screening Can Help Diversify Your Workforce

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Let's Fix How We Hire Hourly Workers

Learn more about using a data-driven approach to improve the quality of your hourly workforce.

Let's Get Analytical

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WOTcS The Big Deal?

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