Press Release: Cadient Introduces Cadient HireNow

Cadient Introduces HireNow, Speeds Up Hiring Process for Highly Sought-After Hourly Positions 

MORRISVILLE, N.C. (Feb. 10, 2022) – Companies that rely on hourly workers typically deal with higher turnover rates, and it’s vital for their hiring managers to fill open roles as quickly as possible. A new product from Cadient, a talent acquisition software company, not only finds the best candidates for each open position but starts the hiring process in an instant.

Cadient HireNow streamlines the hiring process for both the applicant and the hiring manager. HireNow identifies the best candidates in a short period of time and quickly notifies the hiring managers of all preapproved applicants. This allows the hiring manager to send a conditional offer letter right away.

Companies are competing to attract, identify and hire the best talent in a job market that is more competitive than ever. According to, people apply for at least 10 jobs at the same time, so it’s important that hiring managers move quickly to identify the best candidates and make them an offer before another company does. In this case, Cadient HireNow is a lifeline for time-conscientious hiring managers. 

HireNow by Cadient, formerly Cadient Talent, is highly configurable to meet the specific recruiting needs of a company. HireNow seamlessly plugs into Cadient’s applicant tracking system and is now available. 

“When talking to clients in hourly industries, like retail and food service, human resources professionals are pressed for time and the need for more qualified workers never ends,” said Jim Buchanan, chief executive officer of Cadient. “Our new technology acts like an easy button for hiring great candidates. Hiring managers who are stretched thin can use Cadient HireNow to make an offer in one click to the ones that emerge as a good fit.”

For hiring managers who need to add staff quickly, HireNow instantly recognizes candidates who are a good fit for a specific job based on how candidates answer a few simple questions. According to Cadient’s data, high-performing employees are more likely to stay on a job longer, saving a company thousands of dollars every year in recruiting costs. It costs an average of $4,600 dollars to replace one hourly wage worker.

HireNow gives managers the option to instantly send out conditional offer letters to best candidates. This is key because Cadient’s data shows 71 percent of hiring managers are not confident in their hiring decisions.

The launch of Cadient HireNow comes just months after the company unveiled Cadient Decision Point, a recommendation engine that analyzes applicants in real time and presents hiring managers with a short list of top candidates from which to choose. 

HireNow takes it a step further by initiating the hiring process and offering employment to the best candidates in just one click. 
“The new technology was built for hiring managers who need help to keep up with staffing needs,” said Tom Bright, chief technology officer of Cadient. “HireNow can quickly identify characteristics that lead to greater success so companies can make smart hires the first time.”
Companies that use HireNow can land the best candidates at greater speed. HireNow does in an instant what used to take hiring managers days to do.

HireNow and Decision Point are unique recruitment process automation solutions that are changing the way hiring decisions are made to eliminate costly mistakes, saving companies time and resources in addition to strengthening their staffs.

About Cadient 
Cadient is a leading end-to-end talent acquisition software solution built specifically for the needs of high-volume, hourly hiring industries such as retail, restaurants, hospitality, and healthcare. This intuitive and flexible platform provides managers with a constant pipeline of quality candidates. Cadient reduces variation and human error, resulting in faster, better hiring and a more productive workforce by streamlining hiring workforces. For more information, visit