• Communications Keep Hourly Candidates Engaged

    Communicating with your hourly applicants is crucial to your employer brand and your ability to keep a pipeline of qualified candidates. The application process provides candidates with their best insights into your company. How you treat them can make or break your reputation. We all know when applying for a job that silence equals rejection. Please keep me in the dark, said no one ever, especially about their employment status. Hourly workers, who are usually in a hurry to find work, will quickly withdraw their application from consideration if you do not reach out to them promptly.

    Knowing this, you make communicating with your applicants a priority. You let them know where they are in the process, touching base with them and thanking them for their patience. You always let them know the final hiring decision, even it’s not the news they want to hear. Your main goal is to give applicants a wonderful experience with your company, no matter the hiring outcome. And a positive impression means they’ll be more likely to accept a job offer from you in the future, speak highly of your company, and leave positive reviews and feedback.

    When Applicant Communications Fail

    So, when you find out an applicant hasn’t been receiving your emails, you panic. Your heart sinks. You cannot understand it. You know you emailed them a well thought out message just recently. Or your talent acquisition solution is set up to send messages for you automatically. And it’s never let you down before.

    What in the world is happening? You feel confused and anxious. It’s a bad feeling, and we don’t like it either. Our technical expert Kathy Barnett authored an article to help you quickly identify and correct the cause of undelivered emails.  In it, she examines two of the most common reasons your candidates may not be receiving your emails.

    Read Kathy’s article, Where Are My Emails, to learn how to fix these issues.
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