Tech Tip: Leaked Password Message? Here’s What To Do

What does the password leaked message mean in the Chrome and Edge browser?


Password Leaked Warning in Microsoft Edge

If the message below appears when logging into a website, what does it mean? 

Screenshot of MS Edge Warning that a password leak has been detected.

In MS Edge, when you turn on Password Monitor, the browser checks your saved passwords against a large database of known leaked passwords stored in the cloud. If any username-password combinations match what’s in the database, they’ll appear on the Password Monitor page in Microsoft Edge Settings.

Screen shot of MS Edge Settings Screen for Passwords

Change your password on all websites or apps using the same username and password combination. Make sure a different password is used for each app and website.


Password Leaked Warning in Google Chrome

Google Chrome doesn’t show what site or app caused the breach as they use a heavily encrypted and secured algorithm. In this case, since the website or application will not be exposed, the best action would be to change the password for your email address to ensure the login is not compromised.

Additional information can be found in this Google article.

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