Using Text Messaging in Your Hiring Process

In today's job market, it's crucial for employers to have a strong candidate experience to attract top talent. As a Human Resources professional, you may have already recognized the importance of texting in the hiring process, but do you know how to incorporate it into your strategy effectively? By leveraging tools like Cadient Texting, you can streamline communication with candidates, increase the likelihood of reaching them, get faster responses, and ultimately make better hiring decisions.

In this article, we will discuss how text messaging can benefit your hourly hiring process and how to use it efficiently with the help of Cadient Texting.


The job market is a candidate's market, which means that job seekers are looking for a hiring process that is easy and efficient. With text messaging, candidates can receive immediate updates on their application status, ask questions, and schedule interviews. You can use messaging at every touchpoint of the hiring process, from scheduling interviews and sending reminders to getting feedback after the interview. The more transparency and communication you provide, the more likely candidates will have a positive experience with your company.


Cadient Texting makes it easy to segment candidates into specific audiences, allowing you to create campaigns that will give candidates individualized messages sent at the best time. With campaigns and tags, you can ensure each candidate gets the right message for their journey, help create meaningful conversations that lead to strong candidate connections and help your HR team focus on what matters most by automating repetitive tasks.

You can use tags to assign people to specific campaigns and send the right message to the right candidate at the right time.


The faster you get feedback from candidates, the quicker you can make hiring decisions. According to SMS Comparison, 95% of text messages are read and responded to within 3 minutes of being received, and the open rate for an SMS campaign is 98%, 5x that of email (20%). HR teams can get immediate responses to confirm interviews, send directions to in-person interviews, and even assist in prepping new hires for onboarding through texting.

Text messaging is your best bet if you're looking to fill hourly positions quickly and efficiently.


Texting candidates can help reduce no-shows to interviews or orientation. You can schedule reminders and ensure applicants have everything they need to attend the interview. A reminder on their phone will prompt most job seekers to show up for the interview or at least contact you back to reschedule or cancel. This feature saves time and money for your organization.

Keep Interviewees Engaged with Follow-Up Messages

Following up with candidates after an interview keeps them engaged with the hiring process and shows that you care about making the right choice. With Cadient Texting, you can use customized messages to keep candidates informed and engaged. You can also use follow-up messages to send links for forms or ask for additional documentation.


In today's fast-paced job market, text messaging is a perfect way to streamline communication and improve the hiring process. With the Cadient Texting tool, you can create customized messages, automate repetitive tasks, and segment your candidates into specific audiences.

Integrating text messaging into your hiring process will improve the candidate experience, increase your response time, reduce no-shows, and keep candidates engaged throughout the hiring process. 


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