Video Interviewing - Six Tips for Hiring Managers

Today’s hiring managers are looking for ways to make the hiring process more efficient. Companies are still prioritizing the health and safety of employees and candidates, which means reducing in-person interactions. Remote interviewing solves these problems and more. This method of screening, conducted by live video or one-way recordings, saves time and money and provides a modern and positive candidate experience.

Is your company transitioning to video interviewing? While these types of interviews are similar to online meetings, there are some differences. As a Hiring Manager, it is equally crucial for you to be just as prepared for the interview as your candidates. You are representing your organization and brand and will want to leave candidates with a positive impression. To help you have a successful video interview, we’ve put together a list of best practice tips.


1. Be Prepared

Before the interview, familiarize yourself with your candidate’s resume or application and the job for which they applied. It is important to give the virtual interview the formality of an in-person one.

2. Have A Strategy

Think carefully about the qualities and skills you are looking for in a successful candidate. Design your questions to reveal these characteristics. 

3. Communicate Openly

Keep your candidates well-informed at each stage of the interview process. Communicate expectations and logistical details ahead of time so candidates can be as prepared as possible.  At the very least, provide the interviewer's name, title, and role. Once the interview has ended, it is especially important to show them that their time and efforts are valued.

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4. Give The Candidate Time

It is so easy to push forward from question to question. Take a pause. Give your candidate adequate time to respond. Make sure they have finished answering one question before moving to the next. And remember that tech sometimes lags or hiccups.

5. Remove Distractions

Be respectful to the candidate and find a quiet location to conduct your interview. Position yourself away from distractions, including your smartphone, pets, and even kids during the interview. 

6. Reinforce Employer Brand

Mission, vision, values. Ensure interviewers at all stages of the recruitment process convey a consistent message about the company’s mission and values.

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Next Steps

Have clearly defined next steps and communicate them to your candidate so they know what to expect. Conducting remote interviews helps you quickly identify the candidates you want to move forward in the hiring process. The next step is usually an in-person interview. If possible, give them a time frame in which they can expect to hear from you. You’ve come this far – don’t lose your preferred candidates to your competition due to lack of communication.

Final Thoughts

Conducting interviews through video can be a great way to keep the recruiting process moving forward while social distancing. By preparing ahead of time, you can ensure a successful video interview and a positive experience for yourself and your candidate. Now is the time to embrace video interviewing and modernize your hiring process.


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