Talent Acquisition Built Specifically for Hourly Hiring.

The challenges of hourly hiring are unique. You need quality candidates fast. We have you covered.

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An Investment with no Return is the Wrong Investment.

On average, you may process thousands of applications every month. No wonder performance and quality of candidates isn’t where you want it to be and no wonder the wrong candidates are getting chosen time-after-time, it just doesn’t work. Your hiring managers are frustrated and overwhelmed—they have to hire fast so they sacrifice hiring quality. Stop making them choose—you can have both.

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From Traditional Thinking to a Specialized Approach.

More than 80 million Americans or 60% of the U.S. workforce are paid hourly, yet most organizations are losing a large number of employees every day costing them millions in lost revenue and piling up hiring expenses just to keep the workforce running at a decent pace.

The traditional process of hourly hiring is broken—it’s time-consuming, it’s slow and it’s inaccurate.

Instead of taking your best guess on which candidate is right for you, start with knowing which candidates are right for you. You receive thousands, if not millions, of applicants, you’ve hired hundreds—you should know what is key to hiring top performers who stick around and drive performance.

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71 percent of hiring managers are not confident in their hiring decision immediately after making it. You’re frustrated and so are your hiring managers. Explore Cadient Decision Point, a new hiring service that combines augmented intelligence, machine learning, and years of historical hiring data to identify top candidates quickly and eliminate hiring guesswork.

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Combing through over 3 million applications to find the right 6 candidates seems like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be. Learn how the right combination of data, analytics and technology can give you precision on who to interview and who to hire fast.

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You likely have thousands of applicants hitting your Applicant Tracking Software a month. Sure it’s capturing applications, but is it screening candidates, empowering you to know who the  best ones are, and providing a single window to not only the entire recurring process but life after employment?

Equip Your Hiring Managers to Hire Right

According to hiring managers, what source provides the best candidates?

Illustration of text stating 31 percent with a circular outline around it with a partial fill of red-orange in contrast to gray

public job boards

Illustration of text stating 23 percent with a circular outline around it with a partial fill of red-orange in contrast to gray

employee referrals

Illustration of text stating 42 percent with a circular outline around it with a partial fill of red-orange in contrast to gray

corporate website or walk-ins