A System to Streamline Recruiting

Too many applicant tracking systems today don’t provide a return on investment, especially for hourly hiring. We’re here to change that notion.

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A Complete Applicant Tracking Solution

You face real-life restrictions with time, people and investment. Your hiring process shouldn’t be a proponent of these restrictions, but rather an all-in-one solution. Our Applicant Tracking solution was designed specifically for hourly hiring—allowing you to discover, assess, interview, and process, applicants fast.

Gain a Return on your Software Investment

You’ve been taught that the best Applicant Tracking System is one that has the most functionality and showcases the lowest price tag. We live by the belief that the best Applicant Tracking System is the one that gives you a return on your investment, minimizes frustrations, saves you money, and ensures not only efficiency but confidence that you are making the best hires possible when recruiting, whether those efforts be large or small.

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A Broad Range of Features

Hiring is a process with more than a few steps involved. That’s why we’ve made our Applicant Tracking Solution robust—to fit any size need you might have, including multiple languages.

Applicant Pooling

Share applicants across locations. An employee rejected at one location could be an employee hired at another—give the gift of a larger candidate pool to your hiring managers.


Availability Matching

Filter candidates by current availability to quickly know if their schedule matches your needs.


Branded Career Site

Customize your applicant tracking system from start to finish to ensure your candidate experience is consistent, high-quality, and matches your company's vision and mission.

Text Notify

Communicate with applicants in real-time where they are and without interrupting their day. Candidates can receive automated text updates or mobile app notifications on their application, so they are in the know and engaged in the process as much as you are.


Use an online, mobile-friendly onboarding experience with automated workflows across all locations so you can get new employees in-the-know and up-to-speed faster.

Hiring Management Console

From the hiring manager or recruiter's view, you can gain a complete picture of the hiring workflow and application process. Eliminate manual and extensive record-keeping - we'll do it for you.

Employee Activity Data Feed

Link employee data to applicant and recruitment data so you can uncover optimal recruitment sources, assessment effectiveness, and sources for your top employees. Ultimately empowering you to make more informed decisions.

Cadient Connect

Integrations are a must in almost any technology nowadays. That’s why we’ve built our applicant tracking system to easily integrate with any other software and tools you need during the hiring process. Your hiring managers sign in once for access to everything they need. 

Prescreening and Process Screening

Quickly screening applicants as they start an application to ensure they are qualified is just as important as screening completed applications to ensure they meet legal requirements and other pre-employment assessment procedures.

Job Board Integrations

We've integrated with the fastest-growing online employment marketplace – ZipRecruiter. With this partnership, your recruiters and managers reach more candidates via the automatic posting integration and with the easy-to-use new feature, Sponsored Jobs. Source high-quality applicants at scale with access to over 1000 search partners and accessibility to over 10M job seekers.

Talent Acquisition Software That Makes Hourly Hiring Quick & Easy

We understand how hard it is to find and retain quality hourly candidates. Our customers include some of the world’s largest companies who have trusted our solution for over 15 years. We’ve processed over 500 million candidates and over 50 million hires.