Illustration of three figures integrating new pieces of software into an existing platform

Our HR software integrations empower your organization to

streamline your hiring process.

Utilizing integrations for services like background checks, drug tests, I-9, and WOTC is critical for a smooth hiring process. This is especially true in the high volume, hourly hiring environment. At Cadient, our focus is managing and facilitating third-party HR software integrations. Our secret weapon? Our data exchange platform: Cadient Connect. Cadient Connect is a bridge connecting Cadient Talent Acquisition to other tools and services, enabling a seamless hiring process for our clients.

A history of unmatched reliability

in managing and facilitating your integration.

By design, Cadient Connect is independent of the Cadient Talent Acquisition platform. This autonomy protects integrations from system outages of either Cadient Talent Acquisition, the third-party vendor, or client platforms. By keeping these systems separate, we are able to gain unprecedented insight into which integrations failed, when, and more importantly, how. Additionally, in case of a system outage, Cadient Connect will queue requests for easy reprocessing when the system is back online.

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Samples of vendor integrations


Accurate (acquired CareerBuilder Screening), A-Check, ADP, Asurint, Brosnan, Certiphi, Creative Svcs, FADV, HireRight (acquired GIS), Pinkerton, Pre-Employ, Private Eyes, RSI, Sterling, TazWorks (Veritable Screening), Universal, Welliver

WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit)

ADP, Ernst & Young, FADV, Hiring Incentives, Maximus, TaxCredit Co (TCC), Corporate Tax Incentives


Accurate, eScreen, FADV, Pinkerton, SciTek, Sterling


US Verify, Equifax


Infor (PeopleAnswers), IntegrityFirst (Merchants Info Svcs), OutMatch (Assess Systems), SHL, Talent+, Wonderlic


Interviewstream (Enhanced Scheduling) , Spark Hire (Video Interviewing) , EmployUs (Text2Refer) , ZipRecruiter (Job Postings)