Hire Smart. Hire Fast.

Hire Now.

Fill Empty Shifts Fast.

When your workforce relies on hourly workers, you typically deal with higher turnover rates. It’s critical for your hiring managers to fill open positions as quickly as possible.

Cadient HireNow quickly prescreens candidates based on job requirements and allows the hiring process to begin immediately. HireNow does in an instant what it used to take hiring managers days to do.

Improve Your Candidate Experience

The best candidate experience is a short one. You’re in a competition to attract, identify and hire the best talent in a job market that is more competitive than ever.

Candidates apply for multiple jobs at the same time. It’s important that hiring managers quickly identify the best candidates and make them an offer before another company does.

Cadient HireNow streamlines the hiring process for both the applicant and the hiring manager. HireNow quickly prequalifies candidates and notifies the hiring managers. This allows the hiring manager to send a conditional offer letter right away.

Improve Your Candidate Experience
Hire in minutes, not days.

Hire in minutes,

not days.

HireNow quickly identifies candidates who meet minimum job requirements. It allows you to:

  • Streamline your candidate experience
  • Improve your workforce
  • Make an offer in one click with an easy button
  • Shorten your hiring process
  • Save time for candidates AND hiring team members
  • Fill empty shifts fast
  • Reduce talent acquisition costs

Initiate the Hiring Process

in just one click.

Cadient HireNow...

  • Instantly prequalifies candidates for a specific job based on how candidates answer a few simple questions.
  • Allows hiring managers to instantly send out conditional offer letters to candidates.
  • Is highly configurable to meet the specific recruiting needs of a company.
  • Seamlessly plugs into Cadient Talent Acquisition ATS.  
  • Is like an easy button for hiring great candidates.
  • Enables a one-click offer
Initiate the Hiring Process in just one click.