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Your hiring managers need to identify top candidates fast, eliminate guesswork, and remove bias from hiring decisions.  Now they can. Cadient Decision Point® is a new powerful recommendation engine that uses machine learning and augmented intelligence to bring precision to the hiring process.

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The Power of Precision

With Cadient Decision Point, applications received in your applicant tracking system are quickly analyzed. Your hiring managers are presented with the top recommendations from which to choose. What would have taken days for the hiring manager is done in a matter of seconds. Your managers begin the hiring process a step ahead - with data-driven decisions already in progress.

Decision Point learns more with time, which means the more it inputs the more accurate your outputs on qualified candidates become—so you can multiply your best in months not years, and do it with extreme accuracy and precision.

  • Replaces piles of applications with a few top applicants
  • Eliminates sorting through applications
  • Extremely reduces hiring time
  • Decreases turnover
  • Reduces operating and hiring costs
  • Predicts further hiring trends and needs
  • Increases revenue through accelerated hiring and productivity
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The Power of Precision

Decision Point Explained

Decision Point is not an assessment, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. It’s a stand-alone solution. No matter what applicant tracking system platform you're using, Cadient can easily integrate it with Decision Point. Here’s how it works:

Decision Point creates a hiring model based on the characteristics of your company’s best employees.

Algorithms specific to your business quickly evaluate all new applicants against your hiring model.

All candidates are ranked and displayed in your ATS for hiring managers to review.

Hiring managers review the candidates and have confidence in knowing they are making the best possible hires.

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