Illustration of seven job applicant figures standing in the middle of a magnifying glass

Our Prospects Feature is a Talent Pool.

Today’s workforce is easily distracted and can be difficult to engage. By introducing a simplified hiring process, your company can potentially ease the burden of the traditional job application.

Our Prospects feature is easy and quick, keeping your candidates fully engaged throughout the entire process. Your hiring manager can reach out to an interested pool of talent as soon as positions become available.

Icon illustration of an applicant resume on a clipboard

Candidates create a simplified profile with basic interests and information.

Icon illustration of an applicant resume on a clipboard

Simple questions to place candidates in the ideal positions they are seeking.

Icon illustration of an applicant resume on a clipboard

Easily invite qualified candidates when a position becomes available.

Create, Manage and Nurture an ongoing Talent Pool.

In today’s competitive job market, successful evergreen recruiting must be proactive rather than reactive. With a talent pipeline, you can quickly source, identify and nurture candidate leads. The Cadient Prospects feature gives you access to a talent mine of active leads, letting you fill open positions faster. No more chasing talent during the busy season!

  • Keep a steady stream of interested candidates.
  • Reduce time to hire and cost to hire.
  • Share a pool of candidates across multiple locations.
Illustration of a group of job applicant resumes falling down into a laptop computer that shows organized applicant profiles on-screen
Illustration of a figure standing on a laptop and shaking hands with a job candidate photo that appears on-screen

Keep prospective candidates engaged throughout the year

Many times, you receive more applications than positions. Other times, you anticipate openings but are not sure when you will be able to hire. Our Prospects feature will help you keep these candidates engaged, allowing you to build relationships with them.

Once positions become available, it’s easy to send individual invitations to applicants. You can even send a message to a certain group of prospects all at once, such as announcements for a job fair or a seasonal hiring blitz.