High-Volume Hiring in Days not Weeks.

If your organization is facing high-volume hiring it can seem like a daunting task. High-volume hiring often sucks time away from hiring managers and catapults hiring expenses. But it doesn’t have to.  In fact—it can do quite the opposite.

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Understanding High-Volume Hiring

High-volume hiring isn’t just about seasonal help or expansion. For many organizations, high-volume hiring requires an evergreen approach because it’s a standard, especially in industries like hospitality, healthcare and retail. That’s why our high-volume hiring solution is built to ensure you gain quality candidates fast—and includes a multitude of resources that help you manage the process with precision.

Ease the Burden of High-Volume Hiring

Post, discover, research and interact with candidates quickly—so you can find quality candidates fast, be confident they are the right choices, and protect your high-volume hiring efforts from high-volume turnover.

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Everything You Need to Hire Right

Pinpoint top candidates for specialized positions quickly, hire multiple candidates doing the same job seamlessly across locations, and have text and social capabilities that span both the application and recruitment process.

Evergreen Job Posting

Keep jobs open continuously and across locations—never ceasing efforts and access for top candidates to apply.

Applicant Pooling

Share applicants across locations. An employee rejected at one location could be an employee hired at another—give the gift of a larger candidate pool to your hiring managers.

Video Interviewing

Streamline the interview process and save time by using video interviewing software that is easy to navigate, mobile-friendly and customizable. It’s a great way to interact with a candidate without taking more time out of your day than necessary.

Texting Solutions

Communicate with applicants in real-time where they are and without interrupting their day. Candidates can apply by text and receive text updates, so they are in the know and engaged in the process as much as you are.

Prospect Pool

Build a talent pipeline, where you can quickly source, identify and nurture a steady stream of candidate leads—allowing your managers to fill open positions faster.

Enhanced Interview Scheduling

Simplify your interview scheduling process with candidate self-scheduling. Schedule interviews faster, end the ever-growing backlog of interviews and create a better candidate experience.

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Solving Some of the World’s Largest High-Volume Hiring Needs

Our customers include some of the nation’s top retailers who receive thousands of applications for multiple high-volume positions across multiple locations every day.

Learn about making quality hires from the start.