Hiring Management

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Give your hiring managers and recruiters the best experience.

The large amounts of applications generated from high-volume hiring can leave recruiters and managers feeling overwhelmed. It’s time your team feels more in control of the hiring process and candidate selection.

Our Hiring Management Console (HMC) is a simple, easy to use interface. The highly configurable console displays a complete overview of the hiring workflow and application process.

Applications are tracked from receipt through the hiring process, to onboarding and beyond, improving your ability to report hiring metrics.

Give your team the best ATS experience possible.

Easy-to-use, friendly interface.

Our user-friendly console makes it easy to stay on top of workloads to meet hiring and compliance goals. Move effortlessly through workflows guided by automation that speeds up your entire hiring process and ensures a consistent candidate experience.

Busy managers need software they can learn quickly. The intuitive HMC is easy to learn and understand. No need for a tech savvy staff or hours of training. But if your team does need help, we have outstanding client and tech support available.

And because hiring and recruitment do not always happen between 8 AM - 5 PM, our platform is mobile friendly for both hiring managers and candidates.


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A complete view of the hiring process.

The HMC gives hiring managers and recruiters access to all aspects of the hiring process from the application and onboarding process (for a hiring manager) to initiating a requisition (for a recruiter).

This user-friendly console can help your organization:

Reduce time
to hire


Reduce recruiting
and hiring costs

Quickly identify
top talent

Reduce errors and

Easily locate
candidates in the
hiring process

Highly configurable console with modern features.

  • Robust search and filter tools to easily locate candidates and applications
  • Configure information based on importance to hiring managers
  • Move job seekers to an application pool
  • Email job seekers with custom templates
  • Notify multiple candidates with a single click.
  • Multiple ways to easily communicate with candidates to keep them informed and engaged
  • Seamless integration with team member’s calendar and interview scheduling