Better Hires Made Simple.

Hiring quality candidates who are the right fit for the right job is critical to business outcomes. Making the right hires right from the start improves retention, productivity and customer experience.

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The Hiring Dilemma.

The truth is, even if HR had more input into the hiring process, it wouldn’t solve the dilemma of continuing to hire the wrong candidates, wasting money and dealing with mounting turnover. With thousands of applications and little time to make a decision, hiring managers admit they typically hire based on ability rather than “fit.” Why can’t you have speed and quality? You can.

Make Data-Driven Decisions.

71 percent of hiring managers are not confident in their hiring decision immediately after making it.

You need insight. You need to know with accuracy and speed who the top applicants are so your hiring managers can focus their attention on the right people. Period. We’ve got you covered. Cadient Decision Point® pinpoints top candidates fast, eliminates guesswork and removes bias.

Here are some examples of potential savings across some of our clients if they were to hire based upon Decision Point recommendations.

Use our ROI calculator to reveal the savings you could uncover with Cadient Decision Point.

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Precision. Accuracy. Confidence.

Cadient Decision Point utilizes machine learning and augmented intelligence to identify your top performing employee’s traits and behaviors and applies that learning to new applications to pinpoint the right candidates automatically.


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Data Makes a Big Difference.

We can help you break the cycle of bad hiring decisions. For over 15 years we have supported large companies with distributed hourly workforces, including some of the world’s largest. The truth is data makes a big difference. Using augmented intelligence and machine learning combined with Cadient data on 100’s of millions of candidates and tens of millions of hires means accuracy, precision and candidate prediction that makes a huge impact on your bottom line. And we’re the only company that does it.

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of managers would rather not have the responsibility of hiring

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of hiring managers have concern about a new hire’s success

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applications are not even reviewed unless an active search is underway