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Easy, modern candidate communications with Cadient Texting Solutions.

Cadient Texting Solutions, a full suite of SMS and chatbot texting options, is the most effective and convenient way to communicate with referrals, applicants, and candidates. Recruiters and hiring managers send texts right from the Hiring Management Console in real-time, communicating with candidates instantly. The platform allows your team to reach out to candidates when candidates are the most interested, and on the device they're most likely to be using – their phones.

Communicate in real-time, all the time.

Reaching candidates should happen quickly.  Imagine never losing another candidate from lack of communication. Texting Solutions gives you the ability to text candidates instantly. You'll increase engagement and quickly build a talent pipeline. And because there are no more missed messages and voice mails, you'll shorten your time to hire and improve productivity.

Texting is modern. It's personal. And it's fast. It is also the most preferred method of communication for all age groups. 98% of text messages are opened, and most are read within 5 seconds. Using text messages to communicate with candidates improves their perception of your brand and their candidate journey.

Our platform consists of four easy to use components that work together or alone. Send personalized messages in real-time, automatically update candidates on their application status or send bulk messages about upcoming job events. Whatever you need to communicate with referrals, applicants, or candidates, our solutions make it happen fast.

Illustration of a pair of hands holding a cell phone with several chat message bubbles on-screen

A texting solution for all candidate communications

Text2Refer Features
  • Chatbot for referrals and referral campaigns
  • Automated reward management in one unified dashboard
  • Automated status updates to employees, recruiters, and candidates
Text Apply Features
  • Quick apply via text in under sixty seconds
  • Syncs with ATS to automatically add new applicants
  • Complete the full application at a later, more convenient time
Text Notify Features
  • Automated texting of application status
  • Mass messaging to notify candidates of hiring events
  • Automatic logging of all messages in the Hiring Management Console


Texting Features
  • Engage candidates via texting on desktop, mobile, or inside your ATS with personalized, real-time texting
  • Automatic notifications for hiring managers and candidates
  • Stored texting history shows all candidate communications

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