Successful recruiting begins with

a robust applicant tracking system.

Applicant Tracking System software (or ATS software) assists hiring managers with organizing job postings and applications, scheduling notification emails to candidates, and most importantly, selecting the best applicants for each job. A quality applicant tracking system can shorten your hiring process by providing your hiring managers with a seamless process to find, assess, interview, and hire the best candidates for your organization.

A complete ATS software solution for all your recruitment needs.

At Cadient Talent, applicant tracking is what we do best. We understand the value of time and the real-life restrictions hiring managers face, especially when it comes to recruiting hourly employees. Although our solution was designed for requisition and hourly positions, our focus has always been to help ease the heavy burden of high turnover faced by hourly hiring managers.

Our ATS software includes the following features:

  • Talent Pooling

    Talent Pooling

    A repository of candidates who have applied for jobs at nearby locations that employers can tap into when openings... Read More

  • Availability Matching

    Availability Matching

    Allows the hiring manager to filter candidates with specific availability. This is especially useful for hard-to-f... Read More

  • Prescreening


    Ensures your candidates meet minimum qualifications for a job as a part of the initial application submission.

    Read More

  • Process Screening

    Process Screening

    Through integrations with third-party vendors, everything from drug testing and background checks to credit report... Read More

  • Branded Career Site

    Branded Career Site

    Matches your online job application in tone, font, color, and layout to your corporate website, to ensure a consis... Read More

  • Onboarding


    Our Electronic Onboarding System eliminates paper chasing and manual procedures.

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  • Hiring Manager Console

    Hiring Manager Console

    A secure, password-protected environment for hiring managers to safely conduct all aspects of the reviewing, inter... Read More

  • Document Upload

    Document Upload

    Allows your candidates to upload documents during the application process, ensuring managers and recruiters have a... Read More

  • Multiple Language Support

    Multiple Language Support

    Both the Candidate Experience and Hiring Manager Console can be localized in different languages.

    Read More

  • Position/Requisition


    Our solution offers evergreen positions, ensuring the easiest interface for hiring managers in a distributed hourl... Read More

  • Employee Activity Data Feed

    Employee Activity Data Feed

    Enabling the Employee Activity Data Feed completes the loop of data to provide a full view from acquisition throug... Read More