Successful recruiting begins with

a robust applicant tracking system.

Applicant Tracking System software (or ATS software) assists HR managers with organizing job postings and applications, scheduling notification emails to candidates, and most importantly, selecting the best applicants for each job. A quality applicant tracking system can shorten your hiring process by providing your HR managers with a seamless process to find, assess, interview, vet and hire the best candidates for your organization.

A complete ATS software solution for all your recruitment needs.

At Cadient Talent, applicant tracking is what we do best. We understand the value of time and the real-life restrictions hiring managers face, especially when it comes to recruiting new employees. We have the tools and bandwidth to create custom ATS solutions that intelligently match your business with the right candidates.

Attract, Interview and Make Offers with ease.

We believe there are three key components when it comes to a successful online recruiting campaign. In the beginning, you must be able to attract the right talent to your postings through your website or other channels. Once they have submitted their application, your ability to interview them efficiently will help to accelerate the decision-making process. Finally, the process of employee assessments, conducting background checks, drug testing and eventually sending offer letters efficiently will help to ensure the right decision has been made.

Cadient helps enhance your ATS strategy by integrating with leading industry providers for services like criminal record checks, education verification and drug screening. Cadient also provides easy to use HR on-boarding and integration solutions that put your data in a central location.


Cadient integrates seamlessly with best in class software providers and can automatically complete prehire screening tasks such as federal, state and local criminal record checks, driving history, reference checks and drug screening. Our integration allows you to complete compliance quickly, identify the best applicants, interview them and get them hired, thus saving time, money, and frustration.


Simple navigation allows for quick access to your organization's critical hiring data via the central Onboarding tab. Federal, State and client specific hiring forms can be created and signed electronically to further help streamline and simplify the hiring experience for your applicants. Finally, your entire client facing module can be branded with your company logo to ensure a professional and seamless journey from beginning to end.