Finding Top Talent Puts You at the Top of Your Game

Cadient Talent offers fully integrated pre-hire selection tools that improve your ability to quickly, accurately, and fairly screen applicants for a broad range of positions. The Cadient Talent Platform is built specifically to meet the complex needs of distributed, hourly workforces.

Learn more about the benefits of using assessments in your hiring process by watching a recording of our recent webinar: Improve Hiring ROI: How to hire top performers and improve your bottom line

Hire for Attitude – Train for Skill

Most hiring decisions are based on a candidate’s resume and experience, but decisions to separate are very often based on a candidate’s behavior. Don’t make bad hiring decisions because you need to hire quickly. Our short pre-interview assessments test for soft skills and values and help to identify the high performers.

Understand your candidate’s work-related personality characteristics, attitudes, beliefs, values and interests.

Core values impact who we are, how we operate and how we interact with people.

Short, Easy to Administer Assessments

Make hiring decisions faster and ensure a constant pipeline of high performing candidates. Quickly and accurately pre-screen applicants for a broad range of positions more quickly and accurately, leading to more meaningful interviews.

Easily streamline your hiring workflows.

Pre-interview assessments will seamlessly integrate with your Cadient Talent software solution.

Quickly & easily identify ideal candidates.

Measure job-related interpersonal and decision-making skills and motivational tendencies.

Short and engaging Assessments.

Our entire employee assessment process usually takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

Science, Not Guesswork.

Its competitive out there – we’ll help you find the best people fast. Cadient uses industry best practices and rigorous scientific methods to develop candidate assessments.

Cadient assessments predict the likelihood that a candidate will...

demonstrate self-control

fulfill work requirements

communicate and influence effectively

collaborate with others

Custom Fit Assessments – Fully Integrated

Our Assessment Science Team helps you identify the right selection tools for your organization improving your ability to quickly, accurately, and fairly screen applicants for your key positions. Our team will analyze your positions and work with you to map the appropriate assessment to each one.

Get a holistic view of candidates’ capabilities through the integration of assessment results with other application components (e.g., resume, work experiences, references), all in one place.

ROI Impact

Employees who scored in the highest assessment band were 59% less likely to have performance problems relative to those in the lowest band.

Managers were more than twice as likely to spend 3+ extra hours per week managing employees who scored in the lowest assessment band compared to employees in the highest score band.

Employees who scored in the highest assessment band were 43% more likely to demonstrate exceptional integrity relative to those in the lowest band.

Above results attained by actual Cadient Talent customers.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Ready to shorten your hiring process and improve your applicant screening?

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Start assessing candidates and hiring a top-notch workforce.

At Cadient Talent, we are committed to providing the best hiring solutions for your needs.

Some of the assessments we offer:

  • Customer Service
  • Supervisory Skills
  • Field Leadership
  • Frontline Healthcare
  • Healthcare Management
  • Safety Orientation
  • Safety & Service Orientation