Introducing Text2Refer Employee Referral Software from Cadient Talent

Did you know? 87% of today's employers state that improving employee retention is a top priority in 2020.

With a tight labor market, you must have a strategy for recruiting and retaining the best employees. One of the biggest problems for industries engaged in high volume hiring, such as retail, hospitality, or manufacturing, is employee churn. Businesses in these industries consistently report a turnover rate between 30 - 50% for hourly employees year after year.

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Our employee referral software, Text2Refer, can help increase retention and lower churn. Employees hired by referral tend to stay on the job an average of 2.5 times longer than employees hired through career sites. And as an added bonus, once their friends are hired, your referring employees are more likely to stay on the job as well.

How It Works

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An employee referral software program can help you...

increase employee retention


46% retention rate for referred employees vs 33% for other employees.

onboard employees faster


Employees hired through referrals are typically onboarded 55% faster.

increase employee productivity


82% of employers rated employee referrals return higher overall ROI.

Text2Refer offers everything you need to start and scale a successful employee referral program.

If you want to obtain higher quality candidates, speed up the hiring process, and improve overall hiring outcomes, now is the time to expand your talent acquisition program to include employee referrals. A referral program is a way to help ensure the company is recruiting top talent for available positions. The assumption is that your current employees are uniquely qualified to identity the best candidates because they know your organization’s values and culture.

Our referral platform is like hiring a full-time team of recruiters to manage your referral program. It handles sourcing referrals from employees, following up with candidates, updating employees on the status of their referrals, and even tracking the referral bonus so nothing falls through the cracks. It is also responsive, meaning that it is simple and easy for your employees to use on their mobile devices.

Track Referrals in One Place

Manage Referral Bonus Payouts

Go Live in Minutes, Not Months

Launch Email & SMS Campaigns


Turnover trends show an 88% increase in employee churn since 2010.

Executives across the country are scrambling to keep up with hiring demands of hourly jobs. Gallup found that 78% of blue-collar worker churn has nothing to do with wages. Instead, employees quit because of avoidable factors, including slow career advancement, overwork, and lack of recognition from management.

Additional ways to reduce churn:


Today’s workers site lack of career progression as their biggest reason for leaving a job. Employee Assessment Software can help you find and hire the best fit employees from the start. There is a much greater chance that you will promote and retain workers who fit your corporate culture and share the same attitudes, beliefs and values as the rest of your workforce.


According to Glassdoor, 90% of job seekers are using their mobile devices during their job search and 44% them will go on to apply directly from that device. Mobile recruiting is fast and agile. Everyone has a phone with them, and candidates are looking for convenience. Your recruiting website should be responsive, making it easy for job seekers to apply directly from any mobile device.