Text Apply

Software that lets candidates apply by text

Engage job seekers instantly wherever they are

Reach Candidates Faster
High volume hiring requires a high volume of interested candidates. Text messaging is instant and reaches candidates where they are - on their phones!

Create a Better Candidate Experience
Our simple chatbot program makes it easy for interested applicants to submit a profile on their mobile phones 24/7 and takes less than a minute.

Create a Talent Pipeline
Easy, short profile process increases the number of candidates that apply and increases the chances they'll complete a full application later.

Quickly Build A Pipeline of Quality Candidates

Your success as an HR Director depends on finding the best quality candidates and turning them into a highly productive and engaged workforce. Hourly workers are looking for jobs fast, so you must engage quickly.

Engaging with job seekers is a snap with Text Apply!

Text Apply is an automated feature that lets candidates apply anytime and anywhere from their mobile devices.

Interested candidates complete a quick prospect profile. Once their profile is complete, they enter your candidate pipeline. You can start communicating with them immediately by automated messages or one on one.

Text Apply Benefits

  • You quickly build a talent pipeline, speeding up your recruiting process
  • You make applying easier, shortening your hiring process
  • You connect with candidates where they are, improving communications

Text Apply Features

  • Automated texting via SMS Chat Bot on all mobile devices
  • Invite large groups of prospects to mass hiring events
  • Communicate with groups of prospects with one message

How it works

  • Advertise a special phone number
  • Candidates text "Apply" to the number
  • They engage with a chatbot
  • They're asked a few questions: name, contact details, zip code, and job category of interest
  • A candidate profile is generated which puts them in your pipeline
  • Lastly, they receive an application link, allowing the ability to capture a resume and responses to knock-out questions