Text Notify

Real-Time Applicant Communications

Keep your candidates engaged in the application process in a whole new way

Our Text Notify feature lets you communicate with applicants in real-time and where they are the most – on their phones.

Text messaging is immediate, eliminating the need for voicemails or phone tag.

Candidates receive application updates in a way that they won’t miss – on their phones.

Modern Communications and a Better Candidate Experience

Texting is the preferred method of communicating for candidates ages 18-44.

Hiring managers and recruiters can quickly connect with candidates, creating a better candidate experience.

The candidate should expect the following behavior:

  • An Opt-In consent to receive text messages via the Candidate Experience
  • An additional Opt-In text message confirmation on their device
  • Text communications from the HMC user or HMC templates regarding their application
  • The option to Opt-Out of receiving text messages by replying to a text with the key word “STOP”

Record All Communications Digitally

Hiring managers and recruiters can track texts sent to candidates in the Hiring Management Console.

Managers are able to view all text messages, including their candidate’s responses, right in their Hiring Management Console.

On both requisition-based and position-based Candidate Experiences, applicants will have the option to opt in to receiving text messages for application notifications, in addition to emails.

  • Send automated notifications and ad hoc text messages to keep candidates engaged
  • Deliver mass messaging to notify candidates of hiring events
  • Improve the candidate’s application experience with modernized communication
  • Feel confident in a scalable, enterprise software offering for text communications

The Text Notify feature is designed to engage candidates by connecting with them on the devices that they use most frequently.

95% open rate with text messaging

Text messages are read over 95 percent of the time.

20% open rate with email messaging

Emails only receive an average 20 percent open rate.