Hospitality Recruitment

Hiring in the hospitality industry.

Five figures showcasing hospitality recruitment including a bell hop, a chef, a maid, a doorman, and a concierge worker

Recruiting Quality Candidates

The hospitality industry typically sees two to three times the turnover rates of other industries—sometimes reaching as high as 70 percent. Restaurants, hotels, casinos and resorts all struggle to find employees who are customer friendly, reliable and trustworthy. Combine this with the need for seasonal help and a continuous candidate flow, and without the right recruitment solution things can go south really quickly for businesses in the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry deals with very unique recruitment challenges of its own.

Illustration with text stating 1.1 million people hired annually in hospitality in the us, 33% of hotel revenue is spent on labor costs, 70% average turnover, and 39% of employees leave within 90 days of employment
Illustration of two figures reviewing job applicants profiles on an oversized laptop while a line of applicants snakes into the distance behind it

Simplify hospitality hiring

Having the right tools and software that give insights into hiring data and then use it to the hiring managers advantage is key in slowing down turnover and ensuring your hiring quality candidates who show up, care about your customers, and stick around for the long-term. That’s where Cadient recruitment solutions come into play. We focus on hospitality solutions through unique recruitment software, evergreen hiring solutions, and high-volume hiring tools that help you get the right candidates fast.

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Know what works for you

Using your historical data to gain insights into the hiring channels and attributes of your top employees gives you the roadmap to know which candidates are quality candidates, period. No more guesswork.

Create the right Candidate Profile

Know which profiles are right for your business, location and culture. Replace “hunches and feelings” and with facts, truths and data-driven recruitment recommendations that give you the highest quality candidates possible.

Validate Applicants Quickly

Use specialized algorithms and retail specific data in Cadient Decision Point to validate candidates quickly—know who to hire and where to find them without guessing.

Automate the selection process

Remove all bias, objectives and human error from the hiring process and replace it with efficiency and accuracy driven by data and history.

Reach Candidates on their channels

90% of applicants prefer to be contacted via text during the hiring process. A mobile recruiting solution, especially for high-volume hiring and evergreen hiring needs is no longer a choice but a requirement.

Create a Pipeline of Candidates

You need candidates quickly—but you also need quality candidates. Let the application process flow without interruption and when you need to hire, only look at those who matter. We’ll do the work for and we’ll do it with precision and accuracy.