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Talent acquisition solutions built to ensure you hire the best candidate every time.


Hourly Hiring is Hard.
Let’s Simplify It.


You have to hire quickly so you sacrifice hiring right. In turn, your people quit with very little notice, your managers hate the task of hiring so they make rash decisions, you have no one filling empty roles, and productivity is low. It’s a vicious and costly cycle. And it doesn’t work. Stop the chaos.

The Talent Acquisition Story Has to Change.


You can’t afford to continue investing in a talent acquisition solution that fails to produce a return and leaves you scrambling for quality candidates. It’s frustrating, it’s costly, and it gets you nowhere.

65% of hourly employees quit with one week's notice or less
61% of managers would rather not have the responsibility of hiring
71% of hiring managers are not confident in their hiring decisions

We Know the Uncertainty Around Hiring is Frustrating.


You need an all-in-one solution that diminishes hiring anxiety and gives you confidence that every hire is a quality hire.

We’ve processed over 500 million candidates and over 50 million hires. And we’ve helped the world’s largest hourly hiring businesses drastically reduce turnover and increase productivity for over 15 years. We can do the same for you.



Data shows 71 percent of your hiring managers are highly uncertain they made the right hire. But they need roles filled quickly so they hire based on hunch and not fit—and often times—they’re wrong.

If you have the right candidates, you don’t need to live in constant fear of not having enough candidates. And you can be confident that your hiring managers are hiring right.


Optimize New Technology

Bring precision to your hiring decisions with augmented intelligence and machine learning through Cadient Decision Point™.


Simplify Talent Acquisition

Hire more like your best employees in one seamless system.


Increase Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Remove bias and inequality from the hiring process and hire with precision based on data and algorithms.


Increase Retention

Retain employees for the long haul by knowing who is the best fit before you hire them.


Improve Productivity

Elevate employee performance and customer loyalty—creating a win-win for your business.


Optimize Referrals

Increase employee referrals while simplifying the referral process.


Our Modern Approach to Hiring


We know you need a new approach to hiring—so we took action. We’ve put our time, our people, and our business behind delivering you a modern-day solution that works.

Our new precision hiring solution, Decision Point, uses augmented intelligence to identify the traits of your top performers and apply that science to new applicants—so you can eliminate the need to comb through hundreds of applications. But, most importantly—you can feel confident you’re hiring right.

Better Hires Made Simple in Four Easy Steps.


All you have to do is reach out to get the ball rolling.

  1. Discover : Schedule a listening session so we can learn about your business.
  2. Distill : We analyze your talent acquisition process compared to our clients’ best practices.
  3. Define : We deliver a plan to improve your current process.
  4. Deliver : You hire better and start saving money.

Our Industry Experience


The Results are In!

We surveyed over 200 corporate human resource managers throughout March and April 2021 to understand their perspective on talent acquisition and talent management topics. Click here to see the Key Findings…

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