Retail Recruitment

Hiring in the Retail Industry

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The race for talent in Retail

High volume recruiting leading to the pressure to find and retain quality candidates is an ongoing reality in the retail industry. Combine this with enormous numbers of applications flowing in and it’s a constant search for “a needle in the haystack” to find the right candidate quickly—and a continuous frustration for retail managers worldwide.
On average, a retail business is overloaded, and overwhelmed, with candidate flow.

Illustrated stats that state across our retail clients on average each year: less than 11 million job applications processed where only 3% resulted in hires
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Simplify retail hiring

Having the right tools and software that give insights into hiring data and then use it to the hiring manager's advantage is key in slowing down the continuous churn. That’s where Cadient Talent retail recruitment solutions come into play. We’ve helped numerous retail businesses not only increase retention to minimize the attention to hiring, but to know which applicants matter—creating a huge time savings for hiring managers.

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Know what works for you

Using your historical data to gain insights into the hiring channels and attributes of your top employees gives you the roadmap to know which candidates are quality candidates, period. No more guesswork.

Create the right Candidate Profile

Know which profiles are right for your retail business, location and culture. Replace “hunches and feelings” and reliability on references with facts, truths and data-driven recruitment recommendations.

Validate Applicants Quickly

Use specialized algorithms and retail specific data in Cadient Decision Point to validate candidates quickly and only look at the candidates who matter.

Automate the selection process

Remove all bias, objectives and human error from the hiring process and replace it with efficiency and accuracy driven by data and history.

Reach Candidates on their channels

90% of applicants prefer to be contacted via text during the hiring process. A mobile recruiting solution, especially for high-volume hiring and evergreen hiring needs is no longer a choice but a requirement.

Put Hiring on a Continuous Cycle

Let the churn and burn of applications happen without interruption on an engine built to bring the ones that matter to the top so any of your retail locations can quickly and easily find the top candidates for an open position and get them productive in a minimal amount of time.