Cadient Decision Point Dashboard

Imagine your business with the best workforce possible.

Cadient Decision Point can get you there. Watch this short demo to learn how!

Cadient Decision Point instantly sorts through all applications in your ATS and identifies the best candidates for your hiring managers. No more guesswork - no more picking applications from the top of the stack. Your hiring managers start the hiring process with data-driven decisions already in progress.

They hire the BEST candidate EVERY TIME!

And once hired, candidates recommended by Decision Point turnover at a much lower rate than non-recommended candidates.

How will you know it's working?

You'll have access to the Cadient Decision Point Hiring Dashboard where you can easily view your manager's hiring practices and how much you could be saving in hiring costs.

Cadient Decision Point easily integrates with any ATS, giving your managers help to pinpoint candidates who will be quality hires - instantly. Managers can focus on the best candidates first - reducing time to hire and improving the candidate experience.

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