Using Social Media for Recruitment

Recruiting is getting tougher every day. This was true before the world was turned upside down by the global Coronavirus pandemic, and it is still true today. Even when you are lucky enough to find and hire the perfect candidate, it wasn't long before that employee was plucked by a competitor with a better offer or more benefits…or both!  So how can you stay on top of your competitors, keep up with the latest trends regarding the pandemic, and still retain top talent?  One answer could be using social media for recruitment.

92% of Recruiters Use Social Media to Find High-Quality Candidates

The stats for social media are overwhelming, even more so now that a large majority of people all over the world are working from home.  More than half of the people on the planet now use some form of social media, which is even more impressive considering most platforms restrict their use to people under the age of 13. Facebook is still the king, especially in the US, but numerous other platforms can boast over a billion monthly active users each as well. Engagement is also rising as people struggle to find activities to take up the free time they used to spend on vacation or going to restaurants.

Facebook took off over the last few months, going from only 38% market share in the United States to over 61% in just a few months.

So how can your organization take advantage of the recent surge in social media activity to help fill the employee gaps as the economy slowly starts to gain momentum?  Here are a few tips/ideas and potential benefits you could experience by using social media for recruitment:

  • Use social to help build your brand. The first step is making sure that your website and all social profiles are up to date and there are consistent content updates.  Nothing says, "We don't care!" like a bad Twitter profile or a LinkedIn page that hasn't been updated since March…of last year!
  • Get Creative! This might be tough with current social distancing requirements, but some activities can be done remotely to create excitement and employee engagement. Keep in mind that no one wants to work for a boring company.  Ask yourself how attractive you might be to a potential candidate if all you create are posts promoting your product or service?
  • Monitor what your competitors are doing on social to get ideas on what to share. We are not suggesting that you copy or steal their content, but keeping up with the Jones' is a must if you want to attract, and retain, quality employees.
  • Research potential new hires before you interview…but be careful!  This could potentially expose your company to some hot water from a legal standpoint, so it is highly recommended you check with your legal department to avoid the risk of a civil rights lawsuit, etc.
  • Maybe this should be #1 – but there is also a financial benefit to using social media for your recruiting efforts.  Because the social networks are free to set up and sharing content happens all the time, your most recent job posting could reach thousands of people without spending a dime.  Not to mention the added benefits of avoiding a potential bad hire by conducting a social media audit before you hired them.  (See #4 for more on this.)

Good luck!

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