Manage your high-volume, high-turnover positions with evergreen job postings.

Evergreen postings make it easy to fill high turnover roles and maintain an ongoing evergreen recruiting strategy. Do you have a method for continuous hiring? Don’t get stuck opening and closing requisition after requisition. Suppose your organization hires a lot of workers for the same positions. In that case, evergreen requisitions can ease the pressure on your hiring managers. Unlike other applicant tracking systems, which are requisition based, our evergreen job postings never close. This allows your store managers to have an ever ready applicant pool from which to fill open positions.

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Evergreen or continuous job openings can help you manage high volume hiring and streamline your evergreen recruiting strategy, so you fill positions faster.

You always have jobs you’re continually hiring for—positions with high turnover or jobs that require significant manpower. You may work in an industry like retail, healthcare, or manufacturing. Your hiring managers may have to hire multiple employees for the same roles, like retail clerks, bank tellers, medical assistants, or other hourly workers.  You always have openings because there is a constant need to hire for these roles.  Evergreen job postings are an easy way to keep a pipeline of job candidates and manage continuous hiring, so you’re never short-staffed.

Benefits of Evergreen Postings:

Below are some of the benefits of using evergreen postings:

  • Reduces the need to open and close requisitions—saving time and money
  • Candidates apply one time for multiple positions across your organization
  • Minimizes stress on current employees because managers can fill vacancies quicker
  • Managers can quickly hire for seasonal or hard to fill positions
  • Continuously receive applications, giving you a surplus of talent
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