Be In-the-Know.

Gain a single line of sight to your hiring process and the data the story tells so you can spotlight areas of risk or opportunity.

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Hiring Intelligence Made Easy

You don’t have time, and your hiring managers certainly don’t have time, to sort through the status of open requisitions, the adherence to hiring compliance on every candidate hired, the oversight of the application flow, and the effectiveness of not only the process but the hiring manager. That’s where we come in.

See what hiring managers have to say in our recent survey.

Improve Business Outcomes Tied to Hiring.

Quickly identify gaps and areas of improvement in your hiring process so you can create efficiencies that help your company improve business outcomes through reduced hiring expenses, reduced turnover and increased productivity.

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Identify recruiting channels with high ROI and eliminate underperforming channels.


Compare referral sources to retention numbers to identify which sources provide the highest quality hires.


Great employees provide great customer experiences, which helps increase your profits and nurture your brand image.

All of the Data at Your Fingertips

General Reports

Flexibility to run reports in real time or schedule at a different time. Examples include standard reporting such as: Candidate Flow, Hiring Flow, Referring Employee, and Open Requisitions.


Report Library

A repository for all existing reports and data including Cadient Talent-provided data, your content, and content shared across the organization.

Customizable Reports

Guided self-service reports that allow you to customize a report based on predefined criteria.

Ad Hoc Analysis Tool

Create single reports, dashboards, and multi-report documents using all variables and no predefined parameters. Also allows for user-configured formats, display options, and stylizing — a full design environment within your web browser.

Compliance-Related Reporting

Business and/or government compliance tracking reports such as EEO and OFCCP as well as ad hoc reporting that can be restricted by user role and permissions.

Providing Applicant Tracking Systems to Thousands of Organizations

Our customers include some of the nation’s top retailers who use our talent systems and hiring analytics to guide their decision-making process.

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